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Ilona Molnár (1885-1944)
and Ágnes Erdélyi (1914-1944)
forster mother and half sister of
Miklós Radnóti

Title page of the manuscript
of Ágnes Erdélyi´s novel
“Kovácsék”, (The Kovács Family, 1935)

text by
Babus Antal

All of the following materials, texts and images,
I have copied from an excellent site dedicated to Radnóti Miklós.

And So Will I Wonder…?

I lived, but then in living I was feeble in life and
always knew that they would bury me here in the end,
that year piles upon year, clod on clod, stone on stone,
that the body swells and in the cool, maggot-
infested darkness, the naked bone will shiver.
That above, scuttling time is rummaging through my poems
and that I will sink deeper into the ground.
All this I knew. But tell me, the work–did that live on?

Radnóti Miklós