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image by
Christer Strömholm

from the series
“Les Amies de Place Blanche”

Late fifties,

To be different, makes you an outsider.
If you merely feel different,
you will make yourself your life miserable.
If your difference is visible,
society will give you a hard time.
Males who feel like women and want to transform
into the gender they weren´t born into,
will have to struggle more than the rest of us.
Most photographers turning onto this topic
will probably depict what makes these humans differ from the norm.

Christer Strömholm chose another road to go.
He pictured his protagonists
as they wanted to be. He photographed them,
as they wanted to be seen.
He did this full of admiration, love and respect.
We don´t see very often women
photographed as beautiful as these men transformed into women.
They are sexy and shy, tender and strong,
they are as they imagine themselves to be.