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image by
Cynthia Henebry

“For whatever series of simple or complicated reasons,
I have very few memories of my own childhood,
and it remains an intriguing mystery to me.
I realized that I was trying to understand what might have happened to me,
and also what happens to the children in my life now,
and that the camera could help me do this.”

“I have never subscribed to the view
that children have it easier than we do-
that their lives are less complicated,
or their emotions any simpler.
On the contrary, there is so much about the world
that is out of their control,
and which they are struggling to understand.
At the same time, their availability to the present moment
opens them up to beautiful and profound experiences every single day.”

by Cynthia Henebry

Kat Kiernan Gallery
and Lenscratch