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Mark Morrisroe

Indeed, Mark Morrisoe´s oevre is chaotic.

He played.
He tried one thing.
He tried another thing.

To force this chaos into a structure,
as it is done in his monograph
and as it was done in the exhibition I visited
doesn´t do him a favor.

Thus chaos becomes weakness.
It isn´t.

Mark Morrisoe´s images don´t need structure.

They trace his search.
and prove his immense capability
for expression.

For Mark Morrisoe,
photographs never were photographs,
they always were images.

What I see,
is his fortitude.

And I see his tenderness and warmth.
I see his capability for intimacy and friendship.

His images bear the mark
of the inexplicable.

They occupy this space
that might be called:
in between.