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image by
Doug Dubois

Photographs from Ireland, 2009-2011

Doug Dubois takes the young people he has met seriously and succeeds to hint at the difficulties they are confronted with on this long road that we call “growing up.” None of the youngsters he depicts seem to be in a position to indulge in an extended childhood. All of them seem to have experienced already the difficulties of everyday life.

There is no need to pour sugar over the image of adolescents. There is no need to indulge in a beauty that finds its only merits in societies adoration of youth. Because observed with an understanding and tender eye, everyday faces show the beauty that is inherent to them and every one of us. The pickled face of the young man might find an echo in our memories and we know: this pain will find its solution soon. But the there is pain that is here to stay and traces of this have found their way in Doug Dubois photographs.