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image by
Annette Völckner

Two days ago I got this postcard from Annette Völckner.
A non-virtual postcard from a FB friend. I met Annette once this year, and besides the fact that I liked her on the spot, it was a nice experience to meet somebody emerging form the infinite spaces of the virtual universe.

The composition of her photograph is precise, framing is on the spot. I like its blueness, and I like this one eyed animal with its prominent soft ears.

For days I was pondering what I should post as Christmas greetings. I was thinking of Diane Arbus crying toddler, because I imagined that Jesus Christ, as a baby, must have been crying too…. and maybe later on as well.

But that would have been too sad.

So I will stay with Annette´s photograph and wish all of you a Merry Christmas.