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Dawoud Bey

A lot of people ask me, ask me how old I am and they will sometimes, they will say 10. And I’m like, I’m not 10, I’m 15! And… it doesn’t hurt or anything, it just… I feel that God is giving it to me, for a reason. Maybe he, he doesn’t want me to look my exact age. Maybe he wants me to be unique and different from other people.

Well, I try to think of, like, a happy thing. Like sometimes I watch the news—I try to watch the news every day. And then I watch 60 Minutes with my father, and so I hear about different things around the world, and I also listen to Andy Rooney. Yeah… he seems sort of funny… ‘Cause, uh, I remember one thing he was talking about—opening medicine. He was saying that, um, trying to open a medicine, he said that it’s children proof, but it’s adult proof too because it’s hard to open the capsule. And the reason that I’m saying this is because it’s hard for a female to open up on what they’ll be, or what they are. And for me, for what I am, it’s sort of hard because I face, like, you face discrimination… They see… males see you, um, they see you weaker than they are. And they say, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, and I know I over… I can overcome that because I believe in myself. And nobody can put me down.