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image by
Dawoud Bey

When I post images of fellow artists I want to pay them respect for the effort they have put into their work and I want to acknowledge the quality they have achieved to produce. That´s why I ask you to move from image to image, that’s why I am trying to slow you down.

I usually add some words to the projects I am bringing to you, for I want to pay with some effort on my side for the effort these artists have put into their work.
But all of this depends on my mood, or I just don´t want to point out the obvious.

Now I could relate Dawoud Beys “Class Picture”s to Judith Joy Ross school photographs, or talk about David Hockneys possible influence on his Polaroid work, not to forget the influence of the old masters, but I won´t.

Dawoud Bey´s people are tough, and they are tender. They have learned to be tough, because they had and have to be tough, but their need for tenderness, sometimes hidden, sometimes not, never will go away. It´s Dawoud Bey´s merit that we might understand these little big aspect of the life of the people he has met.