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image by
Lars Tunbjörk

The world is a strange place to be. Good taste is creeping into every living room, our suburbs are costly dream come trues still looking cheap, and office rooms are the shop floors of the assumedly well to do. All of this, and more, came to my mind while being occupied with Lars Tunbjörk´s photography. But, how could it other be, this is merely my part of the story. What we actually get to see are precise compositions, surfaces pointing to abstraction and quite a bit of absurdity. Absurd are the spaces we get to see, and absurd the situations into which the protagonists of Lars Tunbjörk place themselves. Lars Turnbjörk manages to reflect on an idea that, as all ideas, are hard to visualize. His images balance humor and sadness and include the vision of apocalypse as part of the everyday life.