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Sarah Gerats

view from the airport.

Artist Statement:

I’ve been waiting for you. Between the 26th of May and the 24th of June I’ve been waiting at Longyearbyen airport for every incoming flight.

You didn’t come.

That is ok.

I hope you considered coming. Imagined coming. I enjoyed waiting for you. I had been wanting to wait for you for a long time. People started waiting for you with me. We were looking forward to you. I met a lot of people while waiting for you.

I thought I would become very good at waiting. I thought waiting for you without knowing if you would come would make me a master at waiting in general.

You never know. You might have come.

I’ll be waiting for you was performed in Longyearbyen during the exhibition ‘lost & found’ by Error One in Antwerp. In the exhibition a video was shown that invited you to come here. Here, I was waiting.

An utterly charming piece.