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“Rich and poor” is still a very contemporary topic.

Nothing has changed in the last 30 years. Maybe it has become even worse. In Germany, one of the wealthiest countries on earth, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing year after year. There are people working full time who don´t earn enough to live off their wages.

It’s the way it is and it´s the way it has to be, some will say. We are that way, some will say, that´s human nature, they will say.

Once we had kings and nobility, once we had slavery, once there was child labor,once there was no social security, once there was death penalty, once fatherless children were called bastards, once you were not supposed to step on the lawn.

(I know there is still child labor and death penalty in some countries; even some kings and queens might be found at one place or another.)

Though humanity stays the same, values and how we organize societies are changing.

How much money does a rich man need? How should societies use and distribute the wealth they produce?

Is there any necessity for exploitation, for lack of opportunities, for minimal chances to get a better education, is there any necessity for wages below the existence minimum?

Is it right that whole societies are held in ransom for stock exchange speculations? Is it right that money is being transferred from the working many into the pockets of the wealthy few?

How much money does a rich man need?

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Time LightBox

image by
Jim Goldberg