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Postcards from America

image by
Bruce Gilden.
Versailles Restaurant. Miami, Florida.


Over the past 18 months, a loose group of Magnum photographers
periodically has gathered in locations across America
to experiment with the notion of working collaboratively.
Photography is often seen as a solitary pursuit,
but the aim of the Postcards from America project
is for the photographers to try to play like a band,
in search of a kind of polyphonic visual sound.

To date there have been four trips:
Through the Southwest; over the mountains to Utah; in Rochester, New York;
and most recently to Florida during the Presidential election.

Each trip is structured differently,
and each is an experiment and a challenge.
While still in the field, photographers post pictures –
“live” and unmediated – to the project tumblr, Eventually,
a more reflective edit is also produced,
and the resulting publications are made available here.

Via Magnum Photos