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Photography is like a big house with an infinite number of rooms. Many of them look very similar, but some bear very much the mark of the person inhabiting the room.
It is the individuality and the diversity of the rooms that makes this house exciting to me.

Yulia Kazbans images are out of focus, the prints look amateurish, her entire body of work is like taken out of a family album found in an dusty attic.
But in reality, I assume, amateurs didn´t fill their albums with images that seem to show nothing of importance, and printing from roll film negatives was also better that time…

Kazban breaks the rules by mimicking an old form: she leaves behind the glossy surface of the technically perfect photograph, a perfection can be tiring to look at because at times it takes all individuality out of the photographic image.

Yulia Kazban photographs seem to be rooted in the artistic ideas of Romanticism. She shows us nature that breathes loneliness and melancholy, and I am wondering if this is to be accounted on her youth or if it has deeper biographical reasons.

But there is more to Kazbans imagery than this nostalgic look. Her images are of a fragility that touches me, and at times she finds a form that relocates the everyday from what we already know and have seen before.

image by
Yulia Kazban