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image by
Katinka Goldberg

The insides of a family belong to the best-kept secrets ever.
What we usually get to see is the obvious: everything is fine.

Sometimes the smooth surface of this private world is rippled by an unexpected moment like a divorce, or the mark of a grown-ups hand on a child’s cheek.

Katinka Goldbergs project “Surfacing” opens a small window to this hermetic world.

She doesn´t offer us a narrative. No explanations are given. There is no simplified, easy way to read her images. The world is hard to decipher, and with Katinka Goldberg it stays that way.

Maybe she is just talking to herself.

Looking at the images:

I see, and
I feel

a strong bond between
mother and daughter.

close distance.

It always possible,
to prettify
a person
with this manipulative tool
called camera.

Katinka Goldberg
doesn´t do that.

We are allowed to look into the naked face of her mother.

Maybe there is nothing more to grasp.

The woman’s eyes, mere shadows, her face looking old and young at the same time.
Love and trust speak out of these images that are combined into one.

as a child.
sees it.

Seldom have I seen forceful portraits like this.

Branches like veins, the color red echoing the color of blood, the image of a treetop resembling a placenta.

Mother hiding behind a black cat,
she could be afraid of something nobody knows about but her, and then young Katinka with her mother, her gaze shows that she is control now, in this moment,
and yes, there are these moments when children are stronger than her parents,
they shouldn´t be, ever.

Katinka is up in the air, like a bird, and her mother looks at her,
as mothers do, when they are able to enjoy the uniqueness of the child they have born.

Raw images, tender images, forceful images.

Life is a secret
can´t be explained.