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Do you use the Internet?
Obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these lines.

The NSA is recording every one of your moves on the Internet.
The NSA keeps your e-mails, keeps the metadata of your communication,
the NSA knows which pages you visit, the NSA knows your chats and can read you uttermost private thoughts when expressed through an e mail.

The NSA can follow your moves in real time.
The NSA can read your chats in in real time.

The NSA can listen to your phone calls, the NSA knows whom you are calling, the NSA has recorded all addresses you have written on the envelopes of your conventional mail.

Of course you have nothing to hide.
You are not a terrorist.

There are not that many terrorists…

So you don´t care.
The threat to your privacy remains abstract,
the loss of your privacy doesn´t cause any pain,
and you will say:

I have nothing to be afraid of.

Democracy is based on a system of checks and balances,
because without control, power becomes evil, yes, sooner or later it becomes evil.

The US surveillance system is not controlled by anybody.
They act by rules they have given themselves; they act by rules nobody knows about.
Obviously there are hardly any restrictions: if the NSA wants to read your chats, and your mails, it simply does.

It’s like having a microphone in your bathroom, and in your sleeping room, in your living room, in your office, and under the blanket on the beach.

They could listen.
But they don’t,
they say.

And what happens,
if they decide too?

What happens if they decide to use all the information they have gathered about you?
About the secret love you might have,
about the illnesses you have,
about your favorite porn sites you might use,
about all the stuff you ordered online,
all the travels you have made,
and the people you have met,
the way you think,
the way you speak.

Then you might not get the health insurance you want,
or the job,
and they could blackmail you,
or only hint with the information
they have about you,

and from now on you will know,
that you have to be careful
using the web,

as my parents were careful
when talking about politics
in Hungary
because they knew:

they could come and get you.

Trust Obama.
Trust the government.
Trust the ruling elites.

Trust the NSA.

Fuck the laws.
Fuck checks and balances.
Fuck privacy.

For some background information,
go to The Guardian