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text and image from Evgenij Kozlov´s website.

Tuesday. Svetlana. 24 years old. ( One may also say Sveta or Svetoshka)
Novy Petergof. 1972. Tuesday.

– Svetlana, turn around.
– Why?
“Because… Well you know, I like it better like this at the moment.”
– Really? “Should I lay down again soon?”
– You’ll stand up again right away anyway.
“And you?”
– Me too.
“So, I’d better turn around?”
“From behind I’m even better, or?“
– I know.
“Well then OK…”
– Really cool. And now relax a bit more…
“I can’t anymore…”
– Just a tiny bit more…
“Something like this?”
– Yes, it’s good like this. Simply amazing!! Too bad that you can’t see yourself.
“But instead I can see you, my darling.” (“I’d rather see you, my darling.”). (“My darling, I’d rather see you.”). 23.47 hrs.