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text and image from Evgenij Kozlov´s website.

Wednesday. Mila. 15 years old: “Please close the curtains.” – What for?
1972. Nov. Petergof. Masha. Wednesday.

“I’m cold.”
– Perhaps there is a draft?
– But?
“I don’t know.”
– Then don’t fantasize and sit still. I am going to turn on all the fan heaters.
“I can’t go on like this.”
– Why? “I’m embarrassed and anyway…”
– What anyway? You wanted it yourself so now stand it.
“I’m all wet already! Do you finally get the drift?”
– And what can I do about it?
“Seriously, didn’t you understand anything?”
– Well, what?
“When I screamed…?”
–The music was pretty loud and I thought you were singing along.
“Really, now that’s enough with all this nonsense. Come here.”
– I’m just going to finish up the drawing and then I’ll come.
“But hurry up…”