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text and image from Evgenij Kozlov´s website.

Thursday. Olya from class 9b, there’s another one in class 9a. 16 years old:
“There, look, she was probably lying in front of him for quite a long
1972. Novy Petergof. Thursday.

time… By the way, that’s drawn pretty well, almost like you.”
– And who drew that?
“This one, some Boucher – no idea.
The other one though Goya, looks like me, just the other way round.
And then, a bit farther back, crazy how many there’re still coming. Cranach is there and Rembrandt and Titian and Velasquez and Rubens, but why him actually?
And that one, that’s hilarious, look…”
– I know.
“But Goya is great, you can see right away that she liked him. The others – they’re OK I guess. All they did is simply draw pictures.”
– Yes, yes, just don’t move around so much.
“Yes, yes, I’ll stop. Will it take much longer?”
– Can’t you stand it any longer?
“No, no my dear, whatever do you mean, on the contrary, I didn’t even know that one can do it for so long… It’s even fun, really. I am better, right?”
– What do you mean by that?
“Well, than the others?”
– Certainly.
“Trust me, I can do all kinds of other things.”
– Should I close the curtains?
“I don’t care. Or is it better?”
– Nah, we don’t have to.
“Can I do it again?”
– Again what?
“If you want I can come again tomorrow?”
– No, it’ll be better in a week.
“On Thursday?”