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Dear K,
besides the video of Tarkovsky being beautiful, I don´t agree with him in some points:

His messages to young people is an advice.

I dislike advices
giving advice is like talking to oneself.
It is like saying: I know better.

Those who feel to be in the position to give advices,
generally neglect and ignore the position, state of mind, and situation
of those who are getting the advice without ever having asked for it.

“learn to love solitude”

There is nothing to love about solitude.

Solitude is a painful part of human condition,
maybe we all just to have to learn to live with it.

“the problem with young people”

There is no problem with young people,
they are young and don´t hang around in trees giving good advice.
(they hang around in public places because they have no place to go)

If there is a real problem with young people,
with some of them,
then because they are left alone by us, the grown ups.

Young people are young, that´s all. They are just different
from those how have already established themselves in life.

I like young people:
those whom I meet,
can be aggressive at times,
but then they are troubled,
or they have a troubled moment.

Basically young people are softer,
and more open for being touched on an emotional level,
more open minded,
more sensitive,
more playful,
than all those grown ups “we know better”.

“The problem with young people is…
they carrying out noisy and aggressive”

Tarkovsky sounds here like an very old man.
I wish he would stick to his movies,
creating spaces of beauty and secrets.

” it means not to get bored with oneself,
which is a very dangerous symptom,
almost a disease”

To be bored,
is just a lack of contact.

Instead of giving advice,
we should take care of the needs of young people:
their need for privacy,
and contact.

I wish you a lovely day,
beautiful moments
and moments of love for your birthday.

and more hugs,