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My father is a prolific tie wearer. In this image, he is explaining the mechanics of how to tie a tie to my friend Oliver, before we went to a formal event in middle school. I love how the light reflects off of their hair.

My parents had given me a Kodak disc camera a few years before which I used enthusiastically. The best part of photographing, for me, was going to the photo-developing place to pick up the prints. I would make it an event by getting a snack and sitting outside on the stoop of the store for a long time, carefully examining each image. I know that on warm days there were other patrons sitting out on the stoop with me, looking at their own prints. It’s not something you see anymore. Now you see people examining their cell phone pictures.

The wait to see the prints and the satisfaction (or disappointment) was exciting; I never knew what the outcome would be. I still love that element of surprise.

image by
Maureen Drennan

Published as part of the “Early Works Project”,
curated by Laura Moya & Laura Valenti Jelen.