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In his strongest remarks on the subject yet, Cameron told a news conference in Brussels that the classified information which Snowden had leaked was going to make it harder for Britain and other countries to keep its citizens safe from people who wanted to “blow up” families.
“What Snowden is doing and, to an extent, what the newspapers are doing in helping him do what he is doing, is frankly signalling to people who mean to do us harm how to evade and avoid intelligence and surveillance and other techniques,” Cameron told reporters.
“That is not going to make our world safer, it’s going to make our world more dangerous. That is helping our enemies.”

A comparatively small group of terrorists is used to justify mass surveillance in an unprecedented scale. This so called “war on terror” is used as a justification to put pressure on journalists, it is used as justification to detain travelers at British airports,it is used as justification to spy on governments and political leaders, but last but not least it is used as justification to collect all data they can get on all of us. Both the U.S and British ruling elites treat us, the people, like enemies.