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image by
Aleix Plademunt

Where do we come from? And where do we go?
Is death an arrival or just the end?
How far are the stars from us? And what was before the beginning of time?

Looking at the stars way above our heads there might be moments when we are not only touched by their beauty but also hit by a premonition about our position in this vastness of time and space.

Looking at Aleix Plademunts sequence of images called “almost there” I was re-confronted with some of the questions we tend to forget about in the noise of everyday life.

Aleix Plademunt plays a game with time and distances, with micro and macrocosm, with pattern and shape, with relicts from the earliest times of mankind and sometimes with fragments of private memories. Thus the individual becomes a particle in this flow of time and space. Images after images spring up the computer-screen, one after another and sometimes on top of each other, as the sediments of stone.

Though this may sound strange: “almost there” is a very silent set of images. They touch me bearing the magic that differentiates some photographic projects from most of the others.

I loved the stars after Júlias image,
and I loved the roads ,
and the stars again,
and the forest , the horizon,
the rocks,
everything very quiet and silent.