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I didn´t stop blogging…

I just was busy with an exhibition and a new project.
It still will take some time until I return to these pages.

I know, that most of you don´t understand my anger about the NSA surveillance activities.
It just doesn´t seem to reach your lives, you might not care,
or you believe this surveillance actually is about this so called “War on Terror.”
No problem for you, you might think, you have nothing to hide….

The NSA is collecting data on everybody on this globe who uses computers and mobile phones.
They utilize all means, conceivable or unconceivable, lawful or unlawful.
Their goal is to collect everything about everybody everywhere.
They want to know all about us.
They will know all about us.
And they will use their knowledge about us to control us.

Checks and balances, one of the fundaments of democracy,
don´t work any more. Our constitutional right for privacy is lost.
Nobody controls the NSA.
Those in power, all our governments,
don´t give a damn.

Power without control turns evil.
It´s as simple as that.

What we can do about this?
Get informed, stay informed, change your ways,
protest, force your governments to change their policies,
care about this threat and do what you can.
It will add up.
It might add up.
I am not without hope.

Take care, this upcoming year.