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Image and text:
courtesy of The Institute of Critical Zoologists.


The Ark Project is an initiative by the Institute of Critical Zoologists, the Veterinary Acupuncture Center in Beijing, the Japan Laboratory of Endangered Species and the Biostatsis Institute in Fukuoka.

The project’s mission is to help save endangered animals from extinction. It does this by extending the lifespan of the thousands of animals that are expected to disappear within the next few years.

The process used is called Acusis, which uses acupuncture to induce biostatsis in an animal for prolonged periods of hibernation. By applying needles on the animals’ pressure points, Acusis introduces a state of torpor and decreased physiological activity in the creatures. The animals are kept at temperatures of 2 to -4 degrees in specially designed hibernators. In this state, animals survive at extremely low temperatures at a extremely low level of metabolism.

Endangered animals are chosen to undergo Acusis at their reproductive age. They are kept alive in a state of physiological dormancy for five years before they are revived again to reproduce with another revived animal. The animals reproduce for a maximum of one year (longer if gestation period requires) before Acusis is performed on them again.

Note : The webcams are streamed live from the laboratory, please be patient while it loads.