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Image and text:
courtesy of The Institute of Critical Zoologists.

Hiroshi Abe
Winner, 2008/9 Phylliidae Convention, Tokyo
Abe morosus (Abe, 2006)
PSG Number: 21
Locality: Japan
Reproduction: P*
Culture Status: C
Winged: W
Female Size: 80
Male Size: 55
Foodplants: P.I.H.Py.B.Ro.Ra.
References: 25
Vernacular names: Abe Leaf Insect, Laboratory Leaf Insect
Etymology: From ‘morose’, referring to the drab look of this species

Winner 2009 Phylliidae Convention
Hiroshi Abe, Morosus Abe

“(This is) yet another daring combination of Morosus and Crurifolium along with a subtle modification in its food plant with the genes of the celebicum. It contributes to a dynamic interpretation of resemblance, aesthetic sensibilities and one’s understanding of mimicry. The presentation is a good appearance, both in the order of a sacrament and as a malefice; it evokes notions of the scientist as a sorcerer and one who is able to bring about a simulation of appearances.”

– Atsuo Asami, on announcing the 2009 winner.

My culture of Abe morusus discussed here originates from a batch of eggs that was brought back from Singapore – an island in the Pacific to the south of Malaysia – by an individual who was working in the country in 1945.

The culture was further enhanced through hybridization with other species from different groups in the beginning of 2001. Species that were hybridized include P. athanysus, P. bioculatum, P. celebicum, P. chitoniscoides and P. crurifolium.